This past Friday, I was talking to Conor about finally getting down and starting to procure some God-imagery for various things.  I have none of my own, and it makes it hard to focus on any one particular process of devotion or action in regards to the spirituality I follow.

I’ve long held a great deal of affinity towards Minerva/Menrva, especially more older facets of her from Etruscan and Old Latin influences and not necessarily just as “the Roman equivalent of Athena”, whom I have no real connection to.  Indeed, most of the Greek and Hellenic gods are not on my personal radar.  It’s strange, given my small Roman leanings.  But I made the mention that I wanted to try to find a statue of Minerva to start.

The next day, on Saturday, I’m doing my morning browsing of Facebook through my feed.  In quick succession, two items popped up on that news feed: The first was a comment that a friend of mine made on a picture she was tagged in.  The picture in question was an owl made out of coffee beans, with two huge cups of coffee as its eyes.  The second, not 20 minutes later, was a picture posted by an educational page called Classical Wisdom Weekly.  The picture was of an owl made out of various fruits, with the author asking the question “Which God or Goddess was the owl sacred to?”

Coincidence or hint?  Or both?  Probably that one.

Either way, I think I’ll go ahead and find a statue of her sooner, rather than later.

That and eat breakfast more frequently.