Without going into too many details: 2014 has thus far sucked.  Majorly.

I want to apologize to anyone who has enjoyed reading this blog, despite my relatively infrequent updates.  I have been beaten down by various events building in life which came to a head in the middle of January and I am attempting to find my footing.  So this blog has, unfortunately, been relegated to the back of my mind.

(You can always tell when I suffer severe emotional strain.  I end up writing bad poetry.)

I’m swamped with schoolwork, as seems to be the norm.  I’m attempting to teach myself Latin, finish my thesis, and study for comprehensive exams, along with taking a reading seminar course.  A lot of work, and coming down from an emotional roller coaster means that it is very hard for me not to wear myself out and spiral into the depths of abject despair and depression.  I’ve been largely doing good, so far.

But this blog has not been forgotten, not by any means.  In fact, instead of doing something academically productive, I’m working on an academically-minded blog post in response to some of the troubling points raised in Trubshaw’s Anglo-Saxon Twilight website, which came to my attention some time ago.

I don’t have much else, at the moment.

Thanks for reading.