A simple prayer, from a simple man

People are praying for the Temple of Baalshamin, writing prayers and condolences and heartfelt pleas to the Gods.

This is mine.

To all the Infernal Gods, I give you those who would support Daesh, whether in act or in belief.

To you I give those names, man and woman, male or female, and give you the health, the life, and the blood of those who would aid their barbaric poison.

May you rend their empty, weak souls, may you take away the minds of those privy to and in support of their acts. May you still their children. May you burn their elderly. May you make an inferno of their lives, forever and always.

The men and women of Daesh, their supporters and agents, may you consume their blood and take it away.

This I give you.

~ by thelettuceman on August 24, 2015.

2 Responses to “A simple prayer, from a simple man”

  1. I’ll join you with this:

    “Gods Beneath, hunt those who support Daesh in act and belief;
    cast them upon the serpent of eternal torment.

    Caught on it’s scales and dragged as it writhes through razors, thorns and barbs.

    Flayed to the bone every day and night only to be restored with sunrise.

    For those who would alter and destroy to please themselves at the cost of the innocence of children, ancestral sites and the freedom of others, this would be a mercy.”

  2. So where is the spilling of blood? I do not hear the clash of your arms upon your shield, nor hear the roar of fury in the air.

    Where do I find those who act, so that I may render aid?

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