Just a reminder

The underlying truth is out there, for those who are willing to dig through it and rip it out.

Seriously, at least he's honest now.


I’ll keep eating my popcorn.

~ by thelettuceman on November 13, 2015.

6 Responses to “Just a reminder”

  1. Oh man. Is he *still* going back and forth on that Reddit? I might have to take another look.

  2. I rather enjoy /u/hrafnblod’s response to that: “Imagine my disappointment learning that the great John Halstead is a bottom rung r/atheist nitwit.”

    I am thoroughly tickled.

  3. Thanks. I’ll try to remember this next time someone tries to convince me that John Halstead is “respectful” towards polytheists.

  4. And the thread is locked.

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