No, this is not about a woman named Clair talking down to you derisively. I know a Clair, and she’s a sweetheart.

My blog post titled Woden v. Odin: Differences? has proved to be my most successful and most widely read blog piece to date. Every day it tops my charts of my daily views, and it is sitting under 10,000 views since I published it last May. With the activity that my blog has, with barely a post a month, and my overall level of networking, I consider this pretty impressive. I understand that there are other widely disseminated bloggers that routinely blow these numbers out of the water, so I am not going to allow it to go to my head. But, as of right now, I have not written anything that has attracted more notice, or more praise. I’m generally proud of it.

My blog also does not receive much in the way of traffic. Because I am Strategically Bad™ [1] at self-promotion, don’t utilize social media for anything resembling a “professional” appearance, and split my efforts between this blog and two or three other initiatives, I’ve been generally graced with thoughtful, erudite comments that have only added to any dialogue. There have been no attacks, there has been very little in the way of incidence where I have had to actively defend my position. By in large, the people who come here have been proper guests.

Today was the first day in the seven years or so that this blog has been active that I’ve had an individual come into this space and fundamentally dispute me. WordPress sent me an email informing me that I had a new comment on this now old post. Two, actually, from one Kerri-Ann Thornton, Psychic Medium, from Australia:

Here we have a stalwart "Medium" in the process of clairsplanation.

Here we have a stalwart “Medium” in the process of clairsplanation.


They were pending at the time of these screen shots. And, frankly, at the time of this writing, they still are. If we take a gander at what her public profile claims she does, she “is an Evidentual [sic] Medium and a Channeller for the God’s [sic] of The Old Religion”. This flimsy accreditation alone is enough for her to come into my space, pass judgment on the interpretation of divinity which I have experienced over the course of the past year, an experience which is both historically and culturally reinforced, and flat out dismiss it in favor of a feel-good watered down spiritualism gifted to her by her so-called “psychic powers”.

Sounds familiar, right? A white suburbanite tells a practitioner of a polytheistic (reconstructionist, indigenous, or otherwise extant) religion that they are wrong, that their beliefs and traditions which have been established and perpetuated are simply incorrect based on their feelings, and their unsubstantiated claims of authority, based wholly on unverifiable pseudoscience and social quackery.

It’s almost as if I’ve been talked down to by a so-called clairvoyant. That all of this has been explained to me in a derogatory fashion cultivated to silence me.

Clairsplained, if you will.

Now, what kind of person is this Kerri-Anne Thornton, Psychic Medium and Animal Intuitive from Australia? Well, she’s quite pro-English language. She doesn’t seem to like Muslims all that much [2]. Like a lot. Like…really a lot. And it looks like she really likes animals. To the point of advocating for the death and shaming of abusers. And hunters.

Which I guess is good, what with the whole “Animal Intuitive” thing?

So what we really have is Anti-Muslim, nationalistic, deceitful rhetoric masquerading as feel good spirituality for White People. For someone who quite clearly claims to believe in the healing power of energy, of emotional stability and forgiveness, and all the other cherry picked cultural and spiritual philosophies and traditions that she’s plucked from the world, it seems unfortunate that she balls herself up so much in the rage and fury.

Hey, maybe Odin is her guide?

Thornton, listen. If you’re reading this, and if you ever read this again, look here. Next time, be constructive. Don’t simply try to peddle your misunderstanding and made up lies here, where it is not welcome. If your vapid, specious mental paradigm is unable to comprehend the extraordinary diversity in the expression and Being of Divinity, then you might, quite possibly, have absolutely no business working with the so-called deities that you claim that you work with. If you do at all, and are not running an entire snake oil scheme.

As a “Medium” you think you may know Odin very well.

Me, as a Super Size Big Mac meal, I can tell you that you’re entitled to be wrong.


To my regular readers: I tend to be constructive, and I apologize for the brief foray into dramatic license.  Excessive frustration with being talked down to by more of the same New Agers, coupled with life stress.  Stoicism only takes me so far.


[1] Not actually a trademark.

[2] The page of which claims there is “no such thing as a moderate Muslim”.