As I stated yesterday, when I made my anniversary post, I had something else I wanted to write up. It’s a bit of an announcement and an update for a potential interruption in service, here.

As of yesterday, I am officially a wegfarende. The word is Old English (weg-farende) for a “wayfarer”, or a traveler. Effectively, I have no permanent home over my head at the moment.

The property I’ve been living in was sold, and I have been thus far unsuccessful at attaining an apartment or more professional employment in order to support said space. One would think with a Master’s degree that decent (read: livable employment that is not simply subsistence-based) work would be more easily attainable. I’m in New England, where rents are outrageous, but there are higher wages and more opportunity. You’d think it’d be easier than this.

Well it is not.

I’m currently floating between a number of places, with the entirety of my life save my luggage and a few accoutrements in my car. I have some family that are offering me very temporary space. I’ve taken the opportunity to try to leave the region I had been inhabiting, but it’s difficult in devoting the time (and money) to the search.

So yeah, that’s basically what’s going on back here. I’ve been so stressed and busy with the sale of the property that I haven’t been able to give much thought to anything. Last night was the first time I forced myself to relax in a few weeks.

I have been praying and hoping that things will turn around, but as yet there is no such result in sight. I have some leads out, and some applications pending. We’ll see what comes.

Just wanted to let my readers know.

Also, I found it amusing that Helio posts about the Lares Viales yesterday, the day I became a wayfarer. Just one of those little things, I guess.