Associated Deities: Ēastre (Bēomōder, Hunigflōwende and Blōstmbǣrende), potentially Folde

Date:  April 28 – May 3 to coincide with Roman Floralia, though this might change depending on geographic location.  

Mythic Paradigm:Three Goddesses (either daughters or epithets of Ēastre) – each representing a certain aspect of Blōstmfrēols – go to Middangeard and bring with them the first flowers and they organize bees and teach them the craft of making honey. They then teach mankind how to harvest and use honey to make food and mead and how to offer said food as a sacrifice.  

Rites and observances

  • Veiling the Wīh :

This particular observance is based on the English folk custom of the “May Doll,” wherein children place dolls within wreaths, drape a white cloth over them and take them on a procession from house to house. With each visit, the veil is lifted and good fortune is said…

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