About Eofores Holt Heorþ

Eofores Holt Heorþ is a predominately Anglo-Saxon Heathen hearth presently located in Eastern New York State. It’s name translates to Boar’s Wood, or Boar’s Grove, and intersects the local woodland geography and the importance of the boar in traditional cultures. It consists of the owner and writer of Of Axe and Plough, Marc and is housed on this blog.

Marc acts as þingere, or ‘intercessor’ for his familial and tutelary gods within Eofores Holt Heorþ, being a divine intermediary for both sides of his family who have allowed their traditional practice to lapse. In this way he serves as the pater familias for his maternal and paternal lines.

Notably, Eofores Holt Heorþ is a blended hearth in the nature of polytheistic identity. While it is entrenched firmly into the Anglo-Saxon reconstructionist worldview, it is more properly Romano-Germanic in its practice. The hearth focuses on local geographic intersections of polytheistic religion, seasonal religious observances of both natural and familial importance, and the establishment of a model of hearth cult for others to emulate.





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