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Marc. He/Him. Native New Englander, non-native Virginian, Italian-American, Roman Heathen, Stoic philosopher, armed Leftist, herder of cats, MA History (Early Medieval studies), bushcraft and hiking, firearms, booze, cosmic horror, weird fiction, video games, folklore, herbalism, homesteading, men’s size 10 US shoe.



Of Axe and Plough and its associated podcast The Plough-Share are focused on expanding and developing ideas and perspectives within Contemporary Paganism and Heathenry, expounding on philosophical and theological concepts in order to address perceived deficiencies within the religious discourse of the wider sphere of polytheistic Pagan identity.

Both venues detail experiencing polytheistic identity, especially Heathenry, from academic and personal perspectives, and attempt to push a deeper understanding and meaning in innovating and developing Heathenry and to seamlessly integrate those nuanced concepts into the day-to-day edifice of contemporary practice.

First inaugurated in October 2009, Of Axe and Plough has long been a home for religious ruminations. At first, it reflected a comparatively less-than-visible perspective in the wider Pagan blogging sphere which was uniformly dominated by Wiccan and Wiccan-adjacent (especially conversations with Wiccanate privilege) theological and liturgical views and forms. With the growth of a wider community of polytheistic Pagan bloggers in the 2010s, it naturally developed into the focus on theology, philosophy, and community commentary which it maintains today.

The Plough-Share was launched in June 2019 and serves as an association to Of Axe and Plough, with a more informal and conversational direction than some of the academically-influenced writings on the blog. The goal of The Plough-Share is to provide bite-sized episodes for its listeners in supplementation with the more verbose aspects of Of Axe and Plough.

Within both will be found religious thoughts, commentaries, theories on hierophany and on practice, and political-theological-philosophical treatments applicable for a polytheistic perspective for the 21st century, couched within a Heathen cosmological worldview.



  • You can find me most frequently in the Skíðblaðnir Discord server, serving as a member of that community’s welcome committee for new members. I’m not very active on Reddit any more, but still am moderator of r/pagan and r/heathenry.
  • Of Axe and Plough’s Facebook page is here. Please note that I do not have a personal Facebook page any longer, having left that site in 2017. It is largely just a re-posting tool from the blog.

  • My personal Twitter account is found at: TheLettuceMan. I am now an infrequent poster there, as well.

  • Of Axe and Plough’s Twitter account is here. Much like the Facebook page, it serves as an automatic posting site.

  • Email me at thelettuceman(at)gmail(dot)com.



Should you wish to support me in my endeavors, one may either PayPal me at thelettuceman(at)gmail(dot)com or support me through my Ko-Fi here.

There is no obligation to do so, but it is greatly appreciated should anyone find my words and efforts helpful enough. Any money give typically goes to hosting costs and other basic necessities.




Astute readers will see that my name, or any of my associated projects, are not listed on any of the contemporary declarations regarding being anti-racist. This is because I believe they are a watery, feel-good action at best – a poor attempt at pontificating progress in order to “do”, but with no actionable plan developed or implemented to excise the malignancy which festers within “the community”. It amounts to pearl clutching politics, while simultaneously looking the other way for the sake of civility because it does nothing to advance a safety for the marginalized members of Heathenry and Contemporary Paganism.

The actionable root cause of Nazism/Fascism/Racism/TERFism/etc is that there are Nazis/Fascists/Racists/TERFs/etc. Ergo, if the total number of these people goes down, the problem begins to go away.

I don’t care to debate, theologically, whether there are Nazis in Valhalla. I’d rather they be sent there.

Of Axe and Plough, The Plough-Share, and the views of the author are all anti-authoritarian, anti-fascist, anti-racist, and anti-hate. This place stands solidly against the hegemonic and hierarchical, destructive power of Capitalism and its colonialist extensions, forced religious conversion, militarism, and exploitation.

It embraces Queer, BIPOC, and environmental liberation, land back and indigenous sovereignty, the destruction of the State and Capital, the emancipation of the working class, and the establishment of a truly egalitarian world.