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PAGE UPDATED 03/06/2020


On Culture

I am a student of cultures and history. I hold numerous degrees in both. I do not subscribe to the notion that cultural isolation in pre-modern times was by design, or by choice, or that cultural intermingling is an evil of the modern “liberal” world.

If, at any point, a culture was shielded from another and diffusion did not occur, it is due to geographic isolation rather than an uniformly made decision.

Please keep that in mind while reading here.


On Paganism, paganism, and NeoPaganism

When I speak of the modern religious movement/community or religious movements (often prefaced with “Contemporary”, I use “Paganism” as a proper noun. That means majuscule ‘P’.

When I speak of historic, pre-Christian, groups of Europe, I follow academic standard as established throughout the historic record and write it with a minuscule ‘p”, as “paganism”.

I personally consider the term “NeoPagan”, “Neopagan”, or any derivation of to be offensive and refuse to use it. I consider the term misrepresentative at best, and derogatory at worst.


A VERY IMPORTANT Note on Racialist or Exclusivist Religion, and This Blog’s Position On It

I’ll get straight to the point: Folkishness is racist.

There is no Folkish vs. Universalist debate.   The first concern of “Folkish Heathenry” is race and arbitrary standards of ethnicity.  Thus, it is racist.

So the argument is really either racism, or Heathenry.

My conception of the geographic boundaries of what defines “Paganism” follows Michael York’s view in his book Pagan Theology: Paganism as a World Religion. That is, I view it appropriate to call indigenous, reconstructionist, or contemporary religious groups from the historic European-Mediterranean cultural basin “Pagan”. This includes many indigenous faiths that are not strictly European. Other indigenous non-Christian religious bodies outside of this historic cultural zone often maintain their own identity, particularly if they have not been destroyed completely by conversion.

This is as far as I’m willing to go regarding exclusivity.

Anyone is able to worship, so long as they are dedicated, respectful, and hardworking.  Modern European-descendants are held to a higher standard because of the assumption that they are somehow “inheritors” to a religion.

Tribalism is separatism.  Using that as a cover for your issues with race won’t fly here.

There is no frið with fascists.