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Primary Sources

  • De Natura Deorum by Marcus Tullius Cicero
  • Fasti by Publius Ovidius Naso
  • De Agri Cultura by Marcus Porcius Cato the Elder
  • De Lingua Latina by Marcus Terentius Varro
  • De Benefiis by Lucius Annaeus Seneca
  • De Temporum Ratione by Bede
  • Historia Ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum by Bede

Roman, Greek, The Hellenistic World


  • Looking for the Lost Gods of England by Kathleen Hebert
  • The Christianization of the Anglo-Saxons c.500-c.700: Discourses of Life, Death and Afterlife by Marilyn Dunn
  • Signals of Belief in Early England: Anglo-Saxon Paganism Revistited by Alex Sanmark, Sarah Semple, and Martin Carver
  • The Times of Bede: Studies in Early English Christian Society and its Historian by Patrick Wormald
  • The Cult of Kingship in Anglo-Saxon England: The Transition from Paganism to Christianity by William A. Chaney
  • Crisis and Development in Germanic Society 700-800: Beowulf and the Burden of Kingship by M.J. Swanton
  • Pagan Goddesses in the Early Germanic World: Eostre, Hreda, and the Cult of the Matrons by Phillip A. Shaw

Continental and Scandinavian Germanic and Non-Roman

Folklore, Folk Traditions, and Anthropology

Ritual, Purity, and Sacrifice


  • Hierocles the Stoic: Elements of Ethics, Fragments, and Excerpts by Ilaria Ramelli, Trans. David Konstan
  • The Stoic Idea of the City by Malcolm Schofield

Latin Resources (Web)

  •  Schola Latína Európæa & Úniversális:  An aggregate website for the study of Latin, the purpose of the organization running it is to destroy some common misconceptions about the language of Latin as a dead language, among other things, and foster contemporary usage and increased proficiency. Might be very useful for some individuals.
  •  Classical Latin Texts:  Excellent resource, untranslated, of Roman-era Latin writers and scholars.  In essence it contains all Roman writers prior to 200 C.E. as well as a few from later antiquity.
  • Greek and Latin Language Resources
  •  The Latin Study List: Mailing list for both Greek and Latin, it maintains various study groups at different levels of proficiency.
  •  Viciǣdia Latina!  Latin-based Wikipedia.
  • Latin Subreddit:  Reddit’s home for Latin studies.

Old English Resources (Web)

  •  þā Ænglisc Ƿikipǣdia!  Old English Wikipedia.
  • ASNC Spoken Word:  University of Cambridge’s Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic.  Contains texts and grammar for those languages, as Insular Latin.
  •  The Old English Aerobics Resources page.  Supplementary materials for Peter S. Baker’s book Introduction to Old English, it is particularly useful for those individuals who have an introductory understanding to the language and seek to utilize it in translation.
  • Learning Old English:  An uncompleted website that might prove of some use to those interested in learning the language.
  • Anglo-Saxon Primer by Henry Sweet (PDF)
  • Bosworth-Toller Online Dictionary: The digital edition of Bosworth-Toller’s Anglo-Saxon dictionary.  Invaluable.