Background, Candles, Tea Lights, Candlelight, Religion

Ealdmōdru and Mōdra, those to whom I give praise,
Who within me persist,
through breath,
through action,
through being
Those who share with me bonds of kith and kinship,
Mothers, Grandmothers, ancestral dead,
Protectors, prosperity-weavers, caretakers,
To you I pray on this holiest, darkest, night.
To you I call, and make place for, and venerate.

Heorþmōdoru, Festermodru, Wyrdwebbes, Hǣlugifu, all,
Hear of me and mine, look kindly upon us,
On my home, on those who I love,
And on those who I call friend.
Give to us the wealth or your knowledge,
Health and wellbeing of heart and mind,
Bounty of safety, and prosperity, and sustenance.

Continue to nurture us, to support us, to protect us,
As long been your way,
Holiest mothers guard and guide us, lead us,
With your voices, share with us your wisdom,
in these times of darkness and danger.

(Title shamelessly borrowed from Wodgar)